Securmark's Privacy Protection Policy

This Privacy Protection Policy outlines how Securmark collects and uses personal data.

Securmark Scandinavia AS is responsible for the corporation's handling of personal data. In cases where the daily responsibility is delegated, that is clearly stated under each individual point. Delegation only covers the tasks and not the responsibility. The statement contains information that is required when data is collected from our website (Article 19 of the Personal Data Act), as well as general information on how we handle personal data (Article 18, Sect. 1 of the Personal Data Act).

Handling of personal data on
Securmark Scandinavia AS has the daily responsibility for the companys handling of personal data on, unless otherwise stated below. It is voluntary for those visiting the website to provide personal data in connection with services. The basis for the data handling is the consent obtained from each individual unless otherwise specified.
Effera and Telecomputing are the data handlers for Securmark and are our contractors for the development and maintenance of the website. Telecomputing is our operational contractor for
Data collected in connection with operation of the website are stored on dedicated servers managed by the contractor. Only Securmark, Effera, and Telecomputing have access to the data collected. A separate data handling contract between Securmark and our contractors regulates what information the contractor has access to and the way that such data are to be handled.

Net statistics
Securmark collects identifying data on persons visiting The objective of this is to compile statistics that we can use to improve and further develop the information offered on the website. Examples of what the statistics provide are: how many persons are visiting various pages, how long does the visit last, from what websites are the users coming, and what search engine is being used.
The data are handled in anonymised and aggregated form. By anonymised, we mean that one cannot trace the data we collect back to the individual user. In addition, the IP addresses are processed at the aggregated level. In other words, all the data are lumped together in one group and are not handled individually.
We use the analysis tool, Google Analytics, on our website. The data collected by Google Analytics are stored on Google's servers in the USA. Data received are subject to Google's guidelines for protection of personal privacy

Information capsules (cookies) are small text files that are left on your computer when you download a page from the Internet.
Storing and processing of these data are not allowed unless the user both has been informed of this and has given his/her consent to the action. The user must be informed of, and approve of, what data are being handled, what is the objective of the data handling, and who is handling the data, cf. Article 2-7b of the Electronic Communication Act.

The following cookies are used on
The analysis tool, Google Analytics. You may read more about net statistics above.
Our publishing solution (Episerver) also leaves two cookies on your computer (.EPiForm_BID and .EPiForm_VisitorIdentifier). These are used in connection with submission of forms and are closed after 90 days.
If you fill out forms, a cookie is left on your computer (EPiForm_). This cannot be used to trace the communication back to you and is closed after 90 days.

Anyone who asks has the right to receive basic information on treatments of personal data within an enterprise operating under Art. 18, Sect. 1 of the Personal Data Act. Securmark has provided this information within this statement and will refer to it in the event of any inquiry. Persons who are registered in any of Securmark's systems have the right to inspect their own data. Such persons also have the right to request that incorrect or incomplete information, or that information that Securmark does not have access to handle, be corrected, deleted, or supplemented. Requests from persons registered shall be responded to without charge and at the latest, within 30 days.

Contact information
Telephone: +47 37 06 29 00
Postal address: Post Office Box 1881 Stoa, 4858 Arendal

Last updated: 03.07.18